Our Team

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Alison G. Roth, Founder and CEO

During her time as an interior designer, Alison Roth found much difficulty in locating a candle fragrance that softly enhanced the home, as opposed to filling it with an obvious candle scent. Alison sought the market high and low for candles that would make any home emanate with warmth, while maintaining a neutral fragrance balance. Unable to find a fragrance that met her requirements, Alison set out to develop a fragrance that elevated the everyday experience with a clean and fresh scent and a subtle hint of sexy.

House of Kinga is the brainchild behind Alison’s desire to create a fragrance for both the home and body that is clean, fresh and made of raw natural ingredients. Alison’s intent is for the fragrance was to live with you, not overpower you. Alison initially developed two scents: balsam and vanilla. She thought of balsam as for the home, with its stronger woody notes, and vanilla for the body, with its softer, powder-fresh milky notes. The two scents were a perfect counter balance to one another. Alison then found that a combination of the two fragrances produced the perfect scent for both home and body: the best-selling combination balsam-vanilla Signature Candle was born.


Meet Catalina!

Store Manager, Shop Girl, and our in-house Muñeca Bonita

Born in Colombia, now loving life living in Malibu, California. Here are some of her favorite things; Watching the sunrise, orchids, sunflowers, photography, red wine, exotic travel and hummingbirds.