House of Kinga embodies the laid-back luxe California Surf life. With Signature scents that transcend you to a California oasis, the House of Kinga candles and fragrances are more than mere products, they provide intangible experiences.



Alison's inspiration comes from around the world. She travels the globe looking for skilled artisans and seeking out one-of-a-kind pottery pieces that can be reborn as vessels for her sumptuous candles.

We believe in high-quality products with the finest ingredients, which is why our Signature Candle vessels are hand-made in Italy by pottery artisans using raw clay. The result is a beautifully marbled vessel that can be re-purposed in the home after the candle has burned out.

The Vintage Collection consists of one-of-a-kind vessels that have been sourced around the world. The ability to purchase a one-of-a-kind piece places House of Kinga in the apex of luxury goods. We are able to provide an experience and product that cannot be replicated.


We are proud to be factory free and support local businesses, which is why every candle is carefully hand poured in Southern California.

Each candle is made of 100% soy wax with raw essential oils and pure cotton wicks.

Our Signature candles ship in a beautifully constructed box made of 100% responsibly-recycled paper.




Malibu remains Alison’s biggest inspiration as it influences everything she does. From the physical beauty of the rugged mountains that meet the ocean, to the magnificent colors of the sunsets, Alison considers Malibu her ideal muse.